by Hunter & Suzy Owens

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Recorded at Bucky's Mobile Studio, Ramrod Studios and at home on Roland VS880s


released November 10, 1998

Produced by Hunter & Suzy Owens
Engineered by Mark Collins (Tracks 1-4 & 7-11), Herm Kovacs (Tracks 5 & 6) and Hunter Owens (Track 12 and overdubs on Tracks 1-4 & 7-11)
Mixed by Michael Vidale (Tracks 1-4 & 7-11) and Herm Kovacs (Tracks 5 & 6)
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studio 301, Sydney


all rights reserved



Hunter & Suzy Owens Sydney, Australia

Original songs inspired by American roots music, filtered by an Australian perspective: retro-country, old-time/bluegrass, honkytonk, hillbilly swing, all filled with sweet harmonies and fine pickin'!

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Track Name: One of Those Days
One of Those Days
H&S Owens

I don’t wanna get up and go to work
Brush my teeth and iron my shirt
Sit in traffic waiting for the lights to change
I don’t wanna spend the day doing stuff I hate
Getting in early and going home late
Watching time tick slowly down the drain

It’s one of those days when I wake up tired
One of those days when I could get fired
One of those days when nothing is gonna go right
One of those days when I can’t think straight
One of those days when I’m gonna be late
One of those days after one of those nights

I’m doing a job that’s killing my soul
On a runaway train that’s outta control
And I’m no longer where I wanna be
I’m pushing a pen ‘til the work gets done
Biting my lip and holding my tongue
It’s eating me up and there’s nothing left of me


We could lie on the beach at North Bondi
Staring up at the clear blue sky
Spend the night in a run-down cheap hotel
We could shoot some pool, drink some beer
Come on, baby, let’s get outta here
Ring the boss and tell ‘em they can go to hell

Track Name: Falling Out of Love
Falling Out of Love
H&S Owens

She’s standing on a corner beside a fancy car
She’s got a smile from ear to ear and a new man on her arm
She says he buys her diamonds and flowers every day
They’re making wedding plans, but you know she’ll never stay

Falling out of love, falling out of love
She’s falling in and out of love again
It’s never gonna be enough
She’ll never find that perfect love
And she’s falling in and out of love again

She’s got too much money and too little sense
Most of them are married, but it don’t make no difference
She’ll win ‘em over and take ‘em for a ride
And it’ll end in heartache each and every time


She’s back out on the market with that look in her eye
She’s got a taste for fresh-caught love and a thousand reasons why
She’s traded last year’s model and bought a brand new dress
She can afford to pick and choose and she’ll only have the best

Track Name: Save a Little Love
Save a Little Love
H&S Owens

The wind’s been blowin’ strong
All night since you’ve been gone
You said you wouldn’t be too long
But I know differently
‘Cause when you have to go away
I lose another day
There’s so much that I want to say
But it just has to keep

Every time the telephone rings
I know it’s gonna be something
Someone needs you more than me
And I’m on my own again
But don’t forget to save a little love for me

I’m not the possessive kind
I don’t wanna rule your mind
I won’t take all your time
‘Cause that’s not what I need
There’s things that you gotta do
You told me when I first met you
But baby if you only knew
What that does to me

Track Name: It Would Be Easier
It Would Be Easier
H&S Owens

It would be easier fallin’ off a mountain top
It would be easier to keep on drinkin’ ‘til I drop
It would be easier confessing each and every sin
It would be easier than seein’ her again

There’s a cure for loneliness they say
But people lose the battle every day
I’ve tried every remedy around
But your love is the only one I’ve found

It would be easier givin’ up my cigarettes
It would be easier ignoring all of my regrets
It would be easier knowin’ that I’ve lost a friend
It would be easier than seein’ her again

I’ve tried hard to leave it all behind
But nothin’ seems to ease my state of mind
Someone please keep me away from you
I’m afraid of what I’m gonna do

It would be easier losin’ all my hard-earned pay
It would be easier drivin’ home the other way
It would be easier admitting that I just can’t win
It would be easier than seein’ her again
Track Name: Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day
H & S Owens

I’m thinking of you on Valentine’s Day
All on your own and so far away
I wish I could be close by your side
On Valentine’s Day

I wish I could make the pain go away
I wish I had words, something to say
I wish I could make the sun shine for you
On Valentine’s Day

‘Cause if you don’t have your own Valentine
You just want to leave the whole thing behind
You don’t want to think ‘bout what you once had
Now that it’s gone…

I know that the storm will pass by your door
And you’ll find someone to love you once more
But until then, it’s gonna be hard
On Valentine’s Day

‘Cause if you don’t have your own Valentine
You just want to leave the whole thing behind
You don’t want to think ‘bout what you once had
Now that it’s gone…

I know that you’re sad, I know that you’re blue
I’ve got some idea of what you’re going through
‘Cause I’ve been there, too, baby like you
On Valentine’s Day
Track Name: 45 Going on 21
45 Going On 21
H&S Owens

My engine's revved up and I'm ready to roll
There's a fire burning down in my soul
Ain't nothin' in the world gonna keep us apart
I've got a pistol in my pocket and a hungry heart

Well, the hands of the clock may be unkind
But at the end of the day, it's a state of mind
Right now I feel like I've just begun
I'm 45 goin' on 21...

I've earned every line that's on my face
Battle scars of the human race
But there's no way, buddy, that I'm over the hill
I'm standin' on top and I'm runnin' still


Now don't go sayin' that I'm out of touch
That way of thinkin' don't mean too much
Though time may not be on my side
Got nothin' on me that I wanna hide

Track Name: Blacker Than Blue
Blacker Than Blue
H & S Owens

I’ve closed my eyes to things I didn’t want to see
So I could view the world the way I wanted things to be
I never saw it comin’, ‘til after it was gone
Now it’s too late for lookin’ back and too soon for movin’ on

Have you ever had the feelin’ that your world was fallin’ down?
Have you ever called out into the night, but there’s nobody around?
I’m blacker than blue, blacker than blue
And I know I’ll never be the same again…

I put all my faith in love and left no room for doubt
I thought that it would be enough, but that’s what caught me out
‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever, no matter what they say
And there’s no foolproof guarantee at the end of each day


I’ve turned my back on reason, I’ve trusted for too long
Now I’m beating myself up good, because I know where I went wrong
But every time it happens, I’m no wiser in the end
Chances are it’s the way I’m made and I’ll do it all again

Track Name: Maggie
H&S Owens

Maggie’s on the ferry wharf, pushing through the crowd
I only know her name because she talks so very loud
Shrunken eyes, aging face, rollers in her hair
Cursing ‘bout something as she searches for the fare

The ferry bangs onto the barge, the crowd is piling in
Maggie huddles in her coat, it’s brown and wearing thin
She shuffles up the gangplank, counting as she goes
Pacing up and pacing down, warding off her foes

Take care or they will get you, they’re after me you know
I spoke to the Prime Minister and tried to tell him so
Police force and the military have all been paid a fee
But I got in touch with God and he is gonna pray for me

Maggie’s on the ferry boat, tapping with her feet
They’re poisoning the air we breathe and plotting our defeat
There’s spies out in the harbour, they’ve come to get the Queen
Training their torpedoes as they watch from submarines


Maggie’s on the gangplank, she’s waving Bob goodbye
He’s captain of the ferry boat and knows about the spies
She moves along the ferry wharf, pushing through the crowd
And I only know her name because she talks so very loud

Track Name: Too Late to Cry
Too Late To Cry
H&S Owens

It’s been so long, since we got on
So long, I can hardly recall
What is was we shared
How we could have cared
Now I can’t find anything at all

And I know it’s too late, too late to cry
No need to lie, so I’ll say goodbye
‘Cause I know it’s too late, yes I know it’s too late
Too late to cry

You try for all those years, shed so many tears
And yet you keep on going back again
You scream and you shout
‘Til you’re all burned out
Then you know you’ve finally reached the end


You want to make it good
You always thought you could
But somewhere down the road you lose your way
And when love goes wrong, life still goes on
‘Cause hearts get broken every day

Track Name: O.C.D.
H&S Owens

For thirteen years this tune's been goin’ round and round inside of my head
Can't turn it off, can't tune it out, gotta learn to live with it instead
It's wrecked my life, I've lost my wife, it's driven all my friends away
I've tried to tell them how it is, now they all think that I'm insane...

I started counting, tapping palings every time I got to ten
Step on a crack and I'd go back and have to start all over again
Obsession one, possession two, confession three will make it right
Is there someone, something to do, deliver me from this dark night?

Sometimes it's just the merest whisper in the reaches of my mind
And for a moment I believe that I can leave it all behind
But just by thinking, I have given it attention and it breathes
My Frankenstein is marking time, a parasite inside of me...

The morning glistens on the water over oceans that don't sleep
My Lorelei still wailing softly from an island where we meet
Obsession one, possession two, confession three will make it right
Is there someone, something to do, deliver me from this dark night?
Track Name: Lonely in Love
Lonely In Love
H & S Owens

I've got four walls around me and a roof above my bed
A fire that keeps on burnin' and a pillow for my head
I've got a job that pays the rent, but it's not enough
'Cause I'm lonely in love

I'm so lonely in love
Oh so lonely in love
Now I know how lonely a lonely heart can be,
'Cause I'm lonely in love

I've said my share of crazy things I didn't really mean
Watched you as you walked away and slammed the back door screen
Left you in the darkness when the goin' got too rough
Now I'm lonely in love


I've got friends who have stood by me no matter what I've done
And those who I can call on when I need someone
But as I lie here all alone I know that it's not enough
'Cause I'm lonely in love