by Hunter & Suzy Owens

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Heartache Blues H&S Owens A cold wind’s blowin’, my darlin’s gone away I feel I’m hardly livin’, just workin’ day to day Why did she leave me? Where has she gone? Now I’m here with no one to help me carry on There ain’t no way of knowin’ if we will meet again Don’t know where I’m goin’, don’t care ’bout where I’ve been Got holes in my pockets and mud on my shoes I’m walkin’ down the road with the heartache blues The night that she left me was two days ago I never saw it comin’, she didn’t let it show If she hadn’t left me, if only she had stayed I wouldn’t be so lonely, I wouldn’t feel afraid CHORUS I’m searchin’ for an answer, I’m lookin’ for some light I wish I had a reason why things didn’t work out right She took all my happiness and my peace of mind A handful of memories is all she left behind CHORUS
My Valley Home H&S Owens Way down yonder in the valley, there is change about to come And I know that life will never be the same for everyone I have lived by the river, like my father, all my life Where will I go now with my children and my darling, loving wife? Soon the waters will be risin’, I can feel it in the wind And my home in the valley, I will never see again I have heard the night birds calling, I have seen the wild deer roam Hardwood forest all around me in my mountain valley home CHORUS Who are those who have decided to take this all from me? Now my home in the valley will be a distant memory CHORUS
Ellie Mae 03:42
Ellie Mae H&S Owens I came down from the mountain on one summer’s day Headin’ for the cabin of my sweet Ellie Mae The flowers were sweetly bloomin’ all along the trail Nothin’ now could stop me, not wind, nor rain, nor hail Deep down in my pocket I carried a golden band For my Ellie Mae to wear upon her slender hand She didn’t know I was comin’, it would be a big surprise I could hardly wait to see the look within her eyes As I approached her cabin, I heard a noise inside I knocked upon the door and I opened it up wide In the arms of a stranger, upon the bed she lay Right then I knew I’d lost the love of my sweet Ellie Mae A knife lay on the table, plain for all to see I picked it up and held it high, she cried, “Don’t murder me!” I headed for the stranger and stabbed him in the heart Then I turned to Ellie Mae and I tore her right apart Then a deathly silence upon the cabin fell I sat there without moving, for how long I could not tell When I came to my senses, I began to cry “What is this deed that I have done and why, oh why, oh why?” I soon became aware that my choices now were few I made my decision, I knew what I would do I threw their bodies in the river and watched them both float down Then I turned my face away and headed into town I knocked upon the jailhouse door and the sheriff let me in I said, “I’ve come to you, kind sir, to confess my only sin. Murder in the first degree, I’ve committed just today. I took the life of a stranger and my sweet Ellie Mae.” As I lie here in my jailhouse cell, my future now is clear Only one more day and then they’ll take me out of here And when they swing me by the neck from that ol’ hangin’ tree I’ll be with my sweet Ellie Mae for all eternity…
Damned if I Don’t, Damned if I Do S & H Owens I’ve tried so hard to forget you Ever since I found you were gone But then your memory comes a’ calling And I can’t stay away for too long I think about you when I wake up And when I close my eyes to sleep I can’t bear to be without you Or know that we never more will meet I’m damned if I don’t, I’m damned if I do The only thing I know is I can’t live without you My heart is pining for a love lost My arms are aching for your touch My lips are longing to caress you And I still miss you oh so much Chorus Every time I think about you darling When the moon is high up in the sky How I wish that we could be together And that this would be our last good-bye Chorus I’m going round and round in a circles I’m on the fence ‘tween right and wrong I can’t shake the shackles that still bind me I can’t go back or move on Chorus
In the Hills of Old Virginia H&S Owens In the hills of old Virginia That is where he was found On the side of Sugarloaf Mountain His bones lay scattered on the ground He disappeared late one November Runnin’ from the voices in his head They searched for him all through December They finally gave him up for dead CHORUS In the springtime a young couple were out walkin’ The dogwood trees were bloomin’ everywhere What they came upon quickly stopped their talkin’ All they could do was stand and stare CHORUS I still recall the last time that I saw him At a truck stop just north of Charlottesville On Route 29 heading some place He never told me where, now he never will… CHORUS
Golden Dreams H & S Owens Come with me, let’s take a trip, back through time on a sailin’ ship To a place where summer never ends and the wildflowers grow There’s an ol’ farmhouse upon the hill, in my mind I can see it still Starin’ out through the trees to the valley below. My mother’s standin’ at the door, Dad’s down at the general store Buying somethin’ that we need with his hard-earned pay The mail is in, school is out, now we’re free to run about Doing what we wanna do each and every day. Oh I don’t know what it means So simple now, it seems It’s my childhood world of Golden Dreams… Put on your hat, grab a pole, head on down to the fishin’ hole Big ol’ catfish waitin’ there, I’m catchin’ him this time! But somehow he always gets away, no matter what my friends might say He’s so strong and moves so fast he always breaks the line. -CHORUS- Some days I had to help my Dad, back then it always made me mad Stuck with him out in the fields while my brothers played But he taught me things that I still know, things that help a child to grow From a boy into a man…those lessons never fade. -CHORUS- Our Sundays, they were much the same, we’d go to church, I’d play the game Countin’ spots upon the wall…I never reached the end Put on your tie, don’t be late, sing the songs, pass the plate It felt so good every week when the preacher said, “Amen.” -CHORUS- Now it’s time for us to go, before we get the winter snow Covering up those summer days that I knew so well But I can always journey back, walk on down that well-worn track And let those memories in my mind cast their magic spell.
Nelson County Flood H&S Owens Way down in Nelson County, there was a man by the name of Gray On his head there was a bounty, ten thousand dollars, or so they say Where he lived no one was goin’, somewhere high up in the hills Where you could feel the cold winds blowin’, and taste the smell of moonshine stills He was always on the run, for the deeds that he had done Once his hands were smeared with blood Now washed away in the Nelson flood… One day a stranger came to town, for Mr Gray he did inquire He dressed in black, he wore a frown, clearly he was a gun for hire He was always on the run, for the deeds that he had done Once his hands were smeared with blood Now washed away in the Nelson flood… Then the rain began a-fallin’, and the creek began to rise Gray could hear that stranger callin’, he was a-hunting for his prize He was always on the run, for the deeds that he had done Once his hands were smeared with blood Now washed away in the Nelson flood… Then the mountain side gave ‘way, from the waters of the flood And upon that fateful day, they both were buried in the mud He was always on the run, for the deeds that he had done Once his hands were smeared with blood Now washed away in the Nelson flood…
True Love is Like Gold H&S Owens Whenever it seems all my bridges are burning I know that our love will carry me through It gives us the power to keep the wheels turning The magic that moves between me and you True love is like gold, more precious than silver With pleasures untold, true love is like gold Sometimes I feel we take things for granted And I think we could try a lot harder, I know We have to take care of the seed we have planted Together with time we’ll help it to grow True love is like gold, more precious than silver With pleasures untold, true love is like gold Lay down by my side and sleep until morning Let the warmth of my breath dry every tear When you awake a new day will be dawning You’ll be safe in my arms with nothing to fear True love is like gold, more precious than silver With pleasures untold, true love is like gold
Could It Be Your Heart H&S Owens You gave me all of your love You gave it from the start Then I took something from you And tore it right apart Could it be your heart? Could it be your heart? That dull, tender aching Could be a feeling that is breaking in your heart… I’m sorry for hurting you With something that I said The letter that you wrote to me Was stained with ruby red -CHORUS- The heart of a lover is more than flesh and blood It can float upon the water or drown in the flood But once it has been broken, it’s hard to start again For some of us, it can be the end Like a treasure that was lost And someone else has found I took what you gave to me And threw it on the ground -CHORUS- The heart of a lover is more than flesh and blood It can float upon the water or drown in the flood But once it has been broken, it’s hard to start again For some of us, it can be the end Forgive me for taking What was never mine That bright, blooming flower That fruit upon the vine -CHORUS-
Faded Photograph H&S Owens My brother was born an only child in the southern USA He made his way into this world on a cold December day He grew up in a timber house that stood beside the sea But he never ever had the time to stay and play with me And I know, for I’ve been told I can see my mama cry, I can hear her laugh Her heart was won by another son I only have her stories and a faded photograph They say he was a happy boy who always had a friend But a story just beginning was soon to have an end He woke one summer’s mornin’, his legs were stiff and sore Before the year had ended, he never woke no more CHORUS I grew up your shadow, I did the best I could I hung on to your memory just like a brother should Mama said she loved me, and I guess it’s true But nothin’ ever rose above the love she had for you CHORUS
Don’t Go Away S & H Owens Don’t go away, don’t go away There’s a fox in the hen house so don’t go away Don’t go away, don’t go away Daddy please don’t go away Daddy oh Daddy where have you gone Woke up this morning, knew something was wrong The door is wide open, the porch light is on Oh Daddy won’t you please come home Daddy oh Daddy the well has gone dry Sister is hungry and it makes mother cry If the rain doesn’t come soon, the crops will all die Oh Daddy won’t you please come (come back) home CHORUS Daddy oh Daddy why do you roam My heart will be broken and turn into stone Mamma she’s been drinking and baby’s alone Oh Daddy won’t you please come home Daddy oh Daddy the old mule is dead Died in her sleep in the back of the shed I found the fox sleeping right under your bed Oh Daddy won’t you please come home CHORUS Daddy oh Daddy the cupboard is bare Baby is crying but Mamma she don’t care There’s a knife in the kitchen and blood on the stair Oh Daddy won’t you please come home Daddy oh Daddy there’s evil all around It’ll come and take you without any sound Make you disappear into the cold, cold ground Oh Daddy won’t you please come home
Leave Me to Pine H&S Owens There’s a hole where my heart was once beating There’s an emptiness deep down inside There’s a cold and a faraway feeling Wipe these tears from my eyes one more time Tell me where is the love that you promised? Tell me where are the dreams we once had? Tell me where is the good to come from this Kind of feeling that makes me so sad? Leave me to pine for a love that was mine Every hour of each night and day Leave me alone and I’ll wait on my own For the darkness to take me away Well the flowers still bloom in the springtime And the leaves they still fall to the ground And the rain beats soft upon my window But there’s no longer love to be found CHORUS If I’d known where tomorrow would take me If I’d seen what the future would bring If you’d told me this sorrow would break me I still know I’d have changed not a thing CHORUS
The Gun and the Bible H & S Owens My daddy was a preacher, not far from the Eastern Shore At a church in Suffolk County, like his father who went before And me, I am determined to carry on once more Spreading the Word of the Lord My congregation stands more than a hundred strong Nobody wants to know you if you don’t belong We have our way of doin’ things and we know right from wrong Listening to the Word of the Lord Not too far away from here, Jim Lowry lived alone At a place called the Dismal Swamp he had made himself a home One day I went to find him, I set off on my own Carrying the Word of the Lord Oh the gun and the bible Around here have no rival You just surrender to the power of the Lord The air was hot and humid, and the water the darkest brown I searched for him a-way out there far away from town I found him sittin’ by a fire just as the sun went down I was bringing him the Word of the Lord “Listen now”, I said to him, his eyes were black as coal, “You are a helpless sinner and I’ve come to save your soul. “Put your hand upon the Good Book or dig yourself a hole. “I’m bringing you the Word of the Lord.” CHORUS Jim Lowry he just stared at me and he never made a smile He reached out for a pistol he’d been hidin’ all the while But me, I was much faster, and I beat him by a mile Saved by the Word of the Lord CHORUS Sunday morning back at church, and I’m standin’ on the stairs I think of ol’ Jim Lowry every time I say the prayers Many times I’ve told my story, but it seems nobody cares I keep spreading the Word of the Lord
All Bound For Glory H&S Owens Darling, here we stand, together hand in hand Now it’s time that we were movin’ on We won’t look back, we’ll head on down the track ‘Cause we’re all bound for glory when we’re gone Well, now you’re my friend, I’ll be there ‘til the end And my love for you will still be strong When the sun sinks low, it’s time for us to go ‘Cause we’re all bound for glory when we’re gone All bound for glory, all bound for glory All bound for glory when we’re gone Let your tears run dry and reach up for the sky ‘Cause we’re all bound for glory when we’re gone When the rain beats down and the snow lays on the ground When the days are cold and the nights are long When the tide runs out don’t ever start to doubt ‘Cause we’re all bound for glory when we’re gone CHORUS As we make our way until another day I’ll be someone you can lean upon You’ll be in my heart whenever we’re apart ‘Cause we’re all bound for glory when we’re gone CHORUS


Recorded live at Unit 4 Studios, Brookvale, NSW Australia


released October 1, 2010

Produced by Hunter & Suzy Owens
Engineered and Mixed by Gary Brown
Mastered by Maurie Llambias
Photographs by Laura Owens
Artwork by Elke Owens


all rights reserved



Hunter & Suzy Owens Sydney, Australia

Original songs inspired by American roots music, filtered by an Australian perspective: retro-country, old-time/bluegrass, honkytonk, hillbilly swing, all filled with sweet harmonies and fine pickin'!

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